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JLS Medical Imports (JLS), is a boutique consulting, procurement & PPE sales company with a unique blend of personnel. With our experiences in the financial space and global marketing, we are uniquely positioned to provide services to our clients at the highest levels. Our collective 80 years of Global business experience gives JLS an edge over most boutique companies.


JLS Medical Imports is not your average company. Our unique style of business allows us to pass the savings onto our clients. There is no warehouse full of merchandise, and no factory overhead. We are in a unique position to offer to our clients what may other companies can’t, “TRUE PRICING”. Our system allows us to mainstream the process of purchasing and shipping. Our qualified team of financial experts have negotiated long-term factory direct contracts with manufacturers to get the lowest available prices all over the world.



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Lee Andrew Myers
CEO, Partner & Managing Director

Co-founder of JLS Medical Imports, Mr. Myers was born and raised in New York City. Mr. Myers heads up our Northeastern and Canada operations. As a sales expert, Mr. Myers worked as an outside consultant to fortune 500 companies in New York, and with various companies located around the world, that specialized in multimedia branding and global presence. These companies include Ford, The Tommy Hilfiger brand, Nokia, Sbarro Pizza, and Marriott International. Mr. Myers also has twenty years of experience in the import/export industry around the world.

Jeffrey Meyers
Partner & SoCal Regional Director

Co-Founder of JLS, Medical Imports, Mr. Meyer has worked as a Financial Consultant for over 15 years, first as a licensed Investment Advisor where he helped clients build, protect, and distribute wealth. Mr. Meyer later moved on to consulting and developing and implementing new real estate projects for a local non-profit, centered around creating student housing near USC. Currently, he is a Project Director, for The Dardanelle Group, Inc where he assists with the managing of Federally funded Transportation Projects. 

John Scott Pendarvis
Partner & Co-Founder
Shirley Craig
Director of Administrative Operations

Co-founder of JLS Medical Imports, born in Shreveport, Louisiana Mr. John Scott Pendarvis, heads up our southeastern operations. Mr. Pendarvis has been contracted to design and produce training videos for DHS such as Weapons and Tactical Support, High-Speed Pursuit Vehicle Training, and Customs Procedures. Through his work around the country with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Mr. Pendarvis brings his experience on a governmental level with logistical coordinating skills with delicate operations to JLS Medical Imports. 

Director of Administrative Operations,  Ms. Craig grew up in London and began her career working with the UK’s Chief of Production for Warner Bros. Moving to New York, she joined ABC News where she eventually became an Associate Producer on the Barbara Walters' Series of Entertainment Specials. She traveled around the globe for ABC News as Walters conducted one news-breaking interview after another with world leaders and many film and television celebrities. After leaving ABC news Ms. Craig moved on to California to become an independent producer. Most recently, she produced 'The Demented' for Starz.

Eric B. Robinson
SVP Finance

SVP Finance, Mr. Eric B. Robinson has over 30 years of experience in marketing, management consulting and business development covering a variety of areas including financing, M&A, executive search and strategic planning. Throughout his career Mr. Robinson has interacted with senior level managers in developing and implementing creative solutions to unique problems and issues. closing for middle to senior level positions, principally with “Fortune 1000” companies. Mr. Robinson was instrumental in facilitating a company go from a start-up to over $1 billion in annual volume within four years. And now brings his financial structuring abilities to JLS Medical imports.


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Sidney L.  Bursten
Senior Financial Consultant
Russell E. Berge
Senior Business Affairs Council

Mr. Bursten was born and raised in Manitoba Canada, is an accomplished business consultant, with decades of experience in high-tech (Senior Consultant/IT Architect at IBM). With real estate and financial advisory services in Canada and the United States, Mr. Bursten managed several newspapers and advertising/PR agencies. Equally at home in the USA and Canada, Mr. Bursten brings to JLS Medical Imports competence, integrity, and reliability to all our endeavors.  

Born in North Dakota, Mr. Berge served his country honorably, in the United States Navy.  As a Registered Lobbyist in the 1970s and mid-1980s, Mr. Berge lobbied various city, state and federal committees to ensure the best medical care was available to the Florida public. Mr. Berge worked with the medical community and public to remedy an oppressive medical liability and malpractice insurance system. Through his lobbying activities, Mr. Berge worked with the American Medical Association and various political action committees. Mr. Berge’s ability to take a small idea and grow it into a viable business opportunity adds strength to any venture.

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