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Signing Contract

JLS Medical Imports team of experts offers a wide array of services to the private sector, governmental agencies, and international companies. With our collective experience, knowledge, and logistical experience, JLS can assist in streamlining your PPE needs and services. Whether you run a hospital, private business, or government agency, JLS Medical Imports will be able to create and deliver what you’re looking for by utilizing our proprietary systems to accomplish and meet your expectations.

  • PPE consulting services and sales.
  • Logistical Planning.
  • Motion picture production PPE and safety plans.
  • Concert, live and event safety plans.
  • Corporate and factory safety plans.
Signing a Contract

JLS Medical Imports Purchasing Process via a Letter of Credit

(for approved hospitals, businesses, and governmental agencies in the United States. JLS can provide this service with a sixty (60) day payment timeline based on a LC (Letter of Credit).

  1. The Client submits a product request and pricing form.

  2. Once agreed-upon, the client will provide a purchase order and a transferable LC made out to our Affiliate Financiers.

  3. Our Affiliate Financiers will provide a 30% down payment on production to the manufacturer.

  4. Our Affiliate Financiers will pay in full to the manufacturer upon completion of production, SGS report, and inspection. 

  5. Our Affiliate Financiers will insure product and ship to California. 

  6. Shipping to the client's final destination can be included in the quoted price. 

Our Affiliate Financiers will call in the LC within sixty (60) days after approval and acceptance of the final products being delivered to a predetermined warehouse including inspection by the client and SGS reports.

JLS logistics has many relationships with PPE manufacturers throughout Asia including China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, etc. with an assortment of allocated provisions, so JLS pricing is very competitive. Note: JLS's Affiliate Financiers has secured lines of credit to purchase the product, ship, and secure logistics for our clients.


JLS Medical Imports offers a free consultation to discuss your needs.

For more information, please contact us with any questions you may have.       

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