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PPE Frontline Workers Program


JLS Medical Imports proudly announce their new “PPE Frontline Workers Program.”  

Realizing the challenges presented to front-line workers by the global pandemic that faces them every day in performing their duties, JLS is committed to doing their part in these trying times.

This program will benefit local communities, as JLS will donate a portion of sales revenue for each sale of PPE, in PPE products to a local hospital, and/or local clinics in the Region where the sale is made . . . allowing every purchase to provide additional benefits to local communities. 

The program will begin on January 4th, 2021 and will continue through March 31st, 2021.

“Having two family members on the front line — a police officer and a nurse — I know the importance of giving back… and the challenges they face every day. Doctors and nurses have been on the front lines now for over six months during this pandemic, and as a company that specializes in supplying PPE globally, we want to show our gratitude to them and the hospitals they work for in this small way,” says Lee Andrew Myers, Managing Director of JLS Medical Imports.

Upon completion of a new client sales contract, JLS will donate additional PPE to a preselected hospital and/or clinic, police or fire department, homeless shelter or anywhere else PPE is urgently needed.


To nominate a hospital, clinic or other facility please complete the form below:

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